Other services

Our target is not only to be manufacturers of first class quality process equipment, but also help new customers to resolve their existing problems and needs using our experience and know how, along with offering overall backup of our equipment on regular basis to existing ones. Any of our equipment is featuring self diagnose system which helps to avoid unexpected and inconvenient production stops due to insufficient care taken of technology and helps to schedule regular maintenance according to actual production needs.

  • Consultancy, know how

    konzultaceWe can offer our years of experience in resolving various production problems which may occur on customers side. We can help you to consider all aspects when choosing a new technology as well as resolve existing production problems. Based on professional attitude, supported by real product values measured and recorded, we aim to improve efficiency and reliability of production and cleaning process


  • Engineering

    projektWe can also provide full engineering service right from beginning- choosing the correct system for a purpose- up to layout drawings. All based on our product portfolio, meant both for free standing machines options or for complete process plants. We are always keen to find the solution minimising loss and maximising the overall efficiency. We keep an ultimate attitude to technology sterility and safe consequent cleaning during production time.


  • Installation

    montazWe also provide our customers with complete installation service mainly comprising our free standing machines or complete technologies including pipe work and cabling. We do not compromise the quality of welding and surface finish of pipe work and supports, neither we do when manufacturing our machines. We also offer a full communication cabling installation service including stainless steel cable trays to ensure correct functioning of entire assembled technology.


  • Back up service

    servisAll existing customers get our full backup service within the life of the technology purchased, on regular basis according to self diagnosis system of each equipment. Every machine is fitted with working hours or cycles counters, each pump working hours and number of starts and so on. This system reliably indicates the backup service requirement in advance and helps to schedule the regular service according to actual production needs to cut down unexpected breakdowns, production stops and expenses.