Sugar continuous dissolving centre

The equipment is designed to meet the demands of continuous dissolving of granulated sugar in water, followed by filtration and cooling of liquid sugar during transportation into a place of use. It is capable of production of liquid sugar not exceeding 70 Brix. Dissolving temperature can be set in range from 15 to 85 °C in conjunction of free standing water pre heat equipment. The centre consists of sugar dissolving tank, valve cluster and set of flowmeters including laser refractometer, all conectged to flow distributing plate, circulation pipework which belogs to the dissolving tank including mixing ejectors and filtration cluster. The compact equipment is competelyskid mounted together with electrical panel on a stainless steel base frame, can optionally be fitted either with brand suger inlet from silo conveyor, hydraulic conveyor system from Big Bag or both.


  • Accurate Brix contents in liquid sugar vis automatic water and sugar dosing
  • Automatic product flow control according to variable inlet and outlet conditions
  • Continuous 24hr per day production without operator attendance
  • Intensive ejector agitaiton with recirculation circuit flow control, no propeller agitators
  • Automatic procedures and product delivery control incl. communications
  • Adjustable flow control in product delivery mode including desired dose of product
  • Low space demand
  • Automatic CIP procedures
  • No need of operators except of manipulation with granuled sugar, changeover on flowplate and procedures choise onoperators panel
  • Allen-Brandley PLC control system with operators panel – easy to operate
  • Comunication prepared for up to three following equipments and CIP unit
  • Easy to maintain, minimum of moving parts


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Technical specification

Liquid sugar output in tons per hour3610
Dimensions max. (a x b x h)1,7 x 4,5 x 3,0 m2,0 x 4,8 x 3,2 m 2,2 x 5,0 x 3,5 m
Power demand22 kW30 kW36 kW
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